Natural stone, is all chosen to give a well-marked rustic appearance. The use can be done at several levels, stairs, a terrace, a sidewalk or a retaining wall. The stones used can be cut to make the appearance of the latter less rustic with a smooth finish rather than exploded. The environment in which the landscaping is carried out will definitely be a determinant of the type of equipment used. The countryside, the lush gardens, the facilities close to nature are all places where natural stone allows us to landscape the landscape so that it reflects his own reality.

Muret de pierres naturelles

Marches « Hemmingford » et palier de pierres naturelles

Terrasse en pierres naturelles à Gatineau

Terrassse, trottoir et marche en Ardoise du Québec

Terrasse de pierres naturelles et cadran solaire

Trottoirs et pas Chinois